Welcome to The Preiser Key

Here find the perfect companion to the print version of The Preiser Key (referred to as “The Bible” by many in Napa and Sonoma). Though we currently print over 250,000 copies annually, there never seem to be enough to meet the demand. This online version has the advantage of being ever expanding –- we can add and include more information and other “Wine Country” areas as our database grows exponentially. And we can do it faster than every four months – time between print issues. Tab through the multitudes of listings, including wineries, restaurants, and lodging then filter through each to help pin down and plan the tour of your dreams. Check the Events Calendar to help choose the perfect timing for your trip. Take advantage of our concierge service to assemble the best possible use of your time, your funds, and your palate. The major mistake made by visitors to Napa and Sonoma is to fail to prepare and plan properly. Sometimes is it a desire to save money. Sometimes it is just the love of traveling freestyle. Either way, lots of time is wasted and places that are on bucket lists are often not available without advance notice (sometimes from someone in the industry like us).